Family owned and running Cleaning Company


We are focusing on regular/lifetime customers rather than once-off customers

We are Family owned and running Cleaning Company (we are NOT agency) and as such we are focused on what we do best

  • customer experience

  • cleaning

  • customer satisfaction

  • customer experience staff training

To achieve this we are following our own procedures and standards, which are professionally implemented in our services. The Family, the people behind the company, are specialist in customer service for years. We do a multiple training throughout the years, as well as a lot of practising in different countries across Europe, China and USA. In our, more than 23+ years, experience we have learned what exactly work, how exactly works, who if satisfying how, and most importantly that each person needs different approach to be completely satisfied and to receive excellent customer experience!

We start this company with one goal, not to take your money, because you need that service, but to provide you with the best service on the market with extremely unique customer experience for the market at affordable price - paying for what you exactly need and be done properly!

In our company Each member is part of a FAMILY! No matter what!

And as part of a family we look after each others. Our customers looks after us and support us and we look after them and their needs; our staff looks after us and help us grow and we look after them and help them learn and receive what they need. In this small circle we are depending on each other, we are all in this together!

We are not robots! We are not hiding behind technologies and virtual elements, as long as we use them we do not let them control us!

We use personal touch to everyone!

We are honest!

We know our capabilities!

We support our customers!

We support our staff!

We Listen to our customers!

We are able to give you excellent Customer Service with the help that you require and need (as cleaning) ,

We are able to meet your Customer Satisfaction point in terms of our quality of cleaning ,

We are able to achieve high level of Customer Experience through the whole process from this moment, the moment you are aware of our existence.

Customer Experience is more extensive and complicated thing and we are fully aware what a high level goal we put in front of ourselves and we are willing to achieve minimum 96% of that goal. Because we understand your feelings and what your are thinking every time you interact with us, because we are honest and open to you, because we are sincere, because we highly value your feedback, because we appreciate when you bring some issue to our attention so we could fix it and you to remain happy, because we priorities each one of you equally, because we are resolving problems fast, and because we are LISTENING to you!

All this because YOU ARE IMPORTANT to us! Because we put YOU, the CUSTOMER, FIRST!

We have PROFESSIONALISM, PATIENCE and a "people-first" attitude!


and our team deliver the same experience each time to each customers!


We are honest, transparent, detailed and simple from your first awareness of our existence! ( Our website shows that)

We listen your needs! And try to provide the best service for you! (Our communication speaks for that)

We use personal touch! ( We send Supervisor first time to know you and better understand your needs and to may provide excellent service and good first impression)

We then train specific Cleaner especially for your house! ( So we know that our quality, timing and your needs will be fulfilled)

We arrange automatic payments for your services! ( So you don't bother to think about it and to help the smoothness of the process)

We make a regular schedule agreed with you! ( So we could guarantee our service and you didn't miss a cleaning)

We still keep in touch with you from time to time! ( Just for a chat :) )

We deliver the same experience every time! (You are completely satisfied and you have excellent customer experience)

We keep you for a lifetime! ( We are focusing on regular/lifetime customers rather than once-off customers)